Awakening is human’s ultimate test. Those who truly wake up will have …
    unconditional acceptance of others, discarded all views, massive effort, honesty and an indomitable courage to open to life.


    Yin Ling
    Plus completely sever their “self”
    In this capitalistic narcissistic success driven society..
    It is a v hard endeavour.
    I talked about it easily but
    It is truly a furnace. 💙❤️💜🖤

    Syaril Ezzuddeen
    Yin Ling I feel you on this one. I've been trying to resign repeatedly for awhile now.
    I think actually leaving society and going into monastic life - even for a little while is an important step. After awhile, people become violent against non-duality because they seem to think you can't pick a side. They blame because they mistook unconditional acceptance as you permitting them to behave badly. Honestly and righteousness as treachery and betray after when you fix things. Finally, you get disowned, fired and if you are too fierce of spirit - hurt or killed - because people see their demons in the reflection a fading "self" shows them as they project onto the adept or aspirant...

  • Syaril Ezzuddeen
    Yin Ling or maybe just finding ones true "tribe". Which I fear in Malaysia... Is an impossibility

  • Yin Ling
    It is against the grain. Very rough grains.
    But I feel renunciation is truly from the mind, bec even in monastic life you can see these, truly disappointing.
    We as humans actually love to judge others more than ourselves. Using religion to strengthen our ego. 😬 debate with others with book knowledge. Jaga tepi kain orang.
    Not realizing one is full of nonsense and full of fault 😁😝that is talking about myself!

  • Syaril Ezzuddeen
    Yin Ling Honestly, I there's a place for everything. I don't think I can be a monk, priest or imam... For everyone there's a middle road. I can't imagine what a "renunciates" life must be like to see what I see as an extreme as a middle road. My middle road is I'm letting go of my house and car. I'll be living in the mosque next to my workplace while earning my keep after work.
    I do have blame on drug addicts for messing with spirituality in modern life. The current trend of showing that addiction or drug trips are actually a spiritual process lead to someone only unskillfully come out with a broken rib, dislocated shoulder and a injured neck. Addicts and drug users in terms of spirituality - are on equal terms with the normal modern capitalistic society mentality. There maybe aspirants and seekers amongst them but they find their way out after some disaster. The majority are not a single drop more spiritual than the uninitiated person having a mid-life crisis.

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  • Yin Ling
    Haha i see addiction and drug trip as one of the biggest obstacles to spirituality.
    For me spirituality is the severance of self and taking others as equal. Most religions propound similarly, I hope at least parallel .
    Drug addiction does not in any way relate to that at all. It is full of “self”, getting high for one self, And will probably causes harm to others. They are lost seekers. What has it got to do with serving others? Zero. Lol.
    Not sating that I do have huge compassion with addictions. It is beyond will to stop.
    Have a good life with your new arrangements ! 🙂

  • Syaril Ezzuddeen
    Yin Ling Well, if you are still so opinionated, I can't do much here. The reason they matter is they cause other seekers to lose the path. And the damage sustain, is as you said: unrecoverable. They are "laugh out loud" worth? Zero.
    When you are called to uphold Dharma and not simply preach it. May the addicts not be your obstacle. They have no compassion for you what so ever. Personal experience.

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  • Yin Ling
    No I don’t mean to judge them as outcast. But their addictions needs to be sorted before we talk about transformation level spirituality to these guys.
    Talking about transformation of the mind to an addict .. when they are stuck in the most reptilian level of brain reacting to dopamines and serotonins without any clarity.. it is like trying to use a pail to clear out the ocean.
    They need compassion and speciality level medical intervention,
    Not a monk. Yes for superficial level spirituality. But to transform , nope.
    I am a physician and can’t go on blind faith 🙂
    Just my two cents 🙂

  • Bliss Rizal
    Thank you Sis, with this insight of yours, I am indeed in the right track. As for 'Tribe', guess, I'm again, blessed to have a Tribe to cultivate with. Sadhu sadhu sadhu 🙏🙏🙏

    Yin Ling
    it is hard. Very hard. Lol.
    We are absolutely pathetic after cycling in samsara for too many eons.
    Practise. Practise hard. Don’t waste this human life.

  • Bliss Rizal
    Yin Ling yes, we are. I can FEEL you.
    Just discover now that plainly sitting in the bowl in CR planning to meditate was good, it helps make posture right and I can meditate. ( I have no place of private, can only meditate at bed while kids are still sleepings. Since I am the cooker of the house, maybe I can use the kitchen too. 🤔😊)

  • Ng Xin Zhao
    Hard as in not using ego to push hard right?
    It's more of hard to let go of the ego.
    I ask cause normally, telling a person it's hard, then ego gets harder and push through.
    I went for STPM, got the message that it's hard, but then I wanted to train for stream winner, so I took it as a practise. It's sort of an ego push to see how much can I push myself hard. Got As including for further maths, just A- for general knowledge.
    But it seems that the noble 8fold path is not the same hard of using ego. It's exactly hard to just sit for hours everyday and do nothing. Just know. Surrendering is hard.
    Look forward to your comment.

    Yin Ling
    Hard because we have been habitually doing this for too long, we are in samsara for too long, we are too fixated.
    Even when ppl tell us the truth we can’t hear. We selectively don’t hear.
    Eons of seeing self and seeing the world outside as real, block us from seeing reality.
    It is really hard.
    We believe what we see is real, even when the Buddha and the masters who have vision tells us, it is a dream. We cannot see, we don’t have conviction, we can’t transform our seeing.
    It is not worldly “hard”.
    Worldly hard is nothing much , effort could solve it.
    It’s not about effort.
    It is about willingness.
    Only when one really empty out oneself , throw away all their knowledge including science and philosophy and all that our brain contains, and re-examine everything from scratch,
    there is a chance
    But that is hard.
    I underStand why Buddha put suffering in the first noble truth.
    Bec from xp it is when I suffer to my wits end and know whatever the solution the world have it will never work, including the most cutting edge medicine bec I was doing cutting edge medicine..
    Only then I relinquish everything and listen.
    And after relinquishing, it still takes plenty willingness and sitting and “brainwashing” to transform the whole vision.
    I am a white paper when I started. Zero dharma knowledge even though Punna Wong lecture I never listen 😂 And as a white paper it was quite hard for me.
    I look at ppl around with their set of knowledge blocking the vision, I know it is gonna be one hell of a hard ride.
    That is why I thjnk awakening is hard.
    And often in severe suffering only we can open up and listen 🙂

  • Ng Xin Zhao
    Yin Ling what books would you recommend? Especially those which helped you before awakening.
    I have audible trial and kindle unlimited trial now.

  • Yin Ling
    I really like “how to see yourself as u truly are” by the Dalai Lama.
    Not sure if it’s on there.
    But tbh I don’t read much before perception change coz my teacher always say to me
    “It’s the practising not the reading that will work”
    I think it is when things suddenly lost its inside and ousside ness and become non dual for me
    That I start reading.
    Dakpo Tashi nyamgal “clarifying the natural state” triggered my non dual insight but that was one year after pure noting🤣

  • Bong Zhao Sheng
    If waking up is akin to like the kind of reality Neo faces in the Matrix. Is it better to go on living in the Matrix?

    Yin Ling
    Bong Zhao Sheng hehe I don’t know wor I didn’t watch matrix.
    I wouldn’t exchange waking up for even a billion dollars, though.

  • Ng Xin Zhao
    Bong Zhao Sheng it's better to wake up because therein lies the end of suffering. Stream winners are destined to become arahants who ends all rebirth.
    Even before that, the suffering they experience is far, far less. Those sufferings which the untrained mind might not even know is a form of suffering.

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