My teacher used to tell me that my mind is like a little puppy, I need to be patient and train it slowly, repetitively. I find this to be very very true.
Few months ago, I keep telling this mind,
In the seen only the seen,
Watch mind, watch. No-self.
When it contracts again, I tell the mind again, I take a deep breath, exhale and feel into no-self.
After a few months, the mind suddenly knows how to do it.
Now it is reverse, the mind reminds me and show to me all is no-self.
Recent months I was practising emptiness.
I read a lot, analyse a lot, contemplated a lot.
Then I keep telling my mind :
All these are imputed. All these are like a dream.
Where does leaf come from? No where right ?
Watch. Like a dream
At first it cannot see.
Emptiness is hard to see. Not so easy.
But like a doggie it eventually learns.
Now the mind shows me the illusoriness.
The dream like nature of everything.
The mall, the road, the shops, my house, the ppl.
Do not underestimate the power of our mind if you are patient and determined.

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