John Tan wrote:

Ling Yin One of the biggest issue about freedom from all elaborations/conceptualities is the idea of what the Tibetan Buddhism meant by "conceptualities".  They don't actually mean by what western thoughts or how we commonly understand -- a symbolic layer over "something".   It actually meant imputed designation that is closely linked to self-nature. 

So when u hear "conceptualities" always link to self-nature.  That is y whenever explanations r made by Tibetan teachers, they always ended up explaining and relating to self-nature when they explain "conceptualities". 

Even Mipham or Longchenpa I realized they r actually talking about that. I just hope one day this can be made clear by teachers as well as translators as it is extremely misleading to separate "conceptualities" from "self-nature" in these (Tibetan) teachings.

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