“Every moment is an encounter of my thousand faces. The sound of thunder, every drop of rain, every heartbeat, every breath, every thought. Experience, experience, experience, experience!”
- Soh, 2012
"Pure clarity has a strict no-face - the face of non-conceptuality.
Empty clarity has a thousand faces, every face is brilliance and new."
- John Tan, 2014
"Alejandro, I would separate non-arisen and emptiness from the luminosity. Imo, it's a separate pointing. The one hand clapping here directly points to the luminosity. 
What is the way that leads the practitioner to “the direct taste”? In zen, koan is the technique and the way.
The one hand clapping koan is the instrument that leads one to directly and intuitively authenticate presence = sound.
Let’s use another koan for example, “Before birth who am I?”, this is similar to just asking “Who am I”. The “Before birth” here is to skilfully lead the thinking mind to penetrate to the limit of its own depth and suddenly completely cease and rest, leaving only I-I. Only this I as pure existence itself. Before birth, this I. After birth, this I. This life or 10 thousand lives before, this I. 10 thousand lives after, still this I. The direct encounter of the I-I.
Similarly the koan of the sound of one hand clapping, is to lead the practitioner after initial break-through into I-I not to get stuck in dead water and attached to the Absolute. To direct practitioner to see the ten thousand faces of presence face to face. In this case, it is that “Sound” of one hand clapping. 
Whether one hand claps or before both hands clap, what is that sound? It attempts to lead the practitioner into just that “Sound”. All along there is only one hand clapping, two hands (duality) are not needed. It is similar to contemplating "in hearing always only sound, no hearer".
As for the empty and non-arisen nature of that Sound, zen koans have not (imo) been able to effectively point to the non-arisen and emptiness of one’s radiance clarity.”
- John Tan, about two years ago
Soh's 2013 translation of an article by a famous blogger, 了了灵知亦不是
"The Clear Knowing of Spirit/Intelligent Awareness is Also Not It":
Partial excerpt from link:
8. The bright moon shines in the sky, that is still the man below rank (not yet entering the gate). The clear knowing of spirit/intelligent awareness, should never lead to the stubborn arising of views. Establishing subject and object in the midst of seeing, birth and death comes yet another round. When the root (sense faculty) and dust (sense object) meet, clear appearances are also illusions. All that are illusions should be left, we should not give rise to thoughts of craving. The appearance of bright and clear spirit/intelligence is not the Buddha's original face. Buddha has ten thousand faces, each face is fresh and alive. Speaking up to ask the noble man, which face is the Buddha's face? Where is the Buddha's face? Who knows and who has seen it before? When you are able to see the Dharmakaya, it is clearly right in front.
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