*Anatta (no-self insight ) & the 6 locums on NHS night shift 😂😴
    I was sitting just now, then laughed a little seeing how the dharma suits my personality so well, no wonder I love it so much.
    Ppl who know me in real life, knows that I don't like to do extra work. I basically do only what is needed.
    When i was working in the NHS (UK health system), this NHS has a very ridiculous night shift and weekend system which only 3-4 medical team doctors man the whole 500-1000 bed hospital including doing crash calls. I was so nervous every time I am on shift as medical registrar I think I have depersonalization.
    I gradually learnt the only way to save patients is to do only the really needed.
    So whenever during handover, I will become super assertive. any bit of work that won't save a person at night or on the weekend, I wouldn't approve them being handed over to my team.
    I will look at my juniors' list before the start of shift and cancel off all non-essential work. so they get v little work to standby for crash. i'd rather they have time for tea at night lol.
    I will also use my ablility to "quickly examine" patients so they don't need to get full clerking if as a registrar i think they are safe over the night. they can get clerked tmr. I don't hv much guilt handing over lol as long as ppl are safe in my hands.
    I don't like to do extra work basically.
    so in my meditation, when i realise i don't need to do work, i relinquish all of it damn fast lol.
    I let the doer, the planner, the organiser go really really fast.
    When I saw the self is extra, wow, it was game for me.
    why do i need to be aware when the manifestations of sensations are already aware???
    You don't know how happy I become when I realise that lol.
    It really feels like I strike lottery and 6 locums come on my night shift and I will get my blanket ready to go to bed. ( never happen before max only 2 lol)
    How i wish sometimes the NHS is the great perfection and everything gets done.


    Yasmin El-Hakim
    hehe, that’s nice to read, what a relief it must be 😅
    what do you mean with “the manifestations of sensations are already aware”? I guess I don’t understand what you mean with manifestations of sensations

    Yin Ling
    It is not a self here in the head who is aware of all the sensations happening around “us”..
    Those sensations already are aware, they have intrinsic awareness,
    The “awareness” or “knowingness” is not on “this side” but “that side”, arising together with the sound, thought, touch, vision 🙂

  • Yasmin El-Hakim
    love it, thank you for the clarification ❤️

  • Yin Ling
    This is also how the “do nothing” meditation can happen.
    once this non dual insight has occur for the practitioner, once will realize awareness is intrinsic with sensations,
    Nothing needs to be done anymore and the self will be seen through.
    Insight of Anatta will dawn powerfully.
    There will also be huge energy release from the previously held self construct because the fake “self” was doing so much extra work before the insight dawns.
    Most practitioner will describe as finally I can rest. A very prominent shift like 6 locums appearing 🤣🤣🤣

  • Anna Mukherjee
    Hats off to you for surviving shifts at the NHS! Just finished watching the brilliant "This is going to hurt" series...

    Yin Ling
    Anna Mukherjee I couldn’t finish watching.. I think I watch till ep 4.. it was too heartbreaking 💔
    Good show, 80-90% mimic the nhs esp the workload lol

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    • With the Dharma, I set a high standard for myself ..
      I told myself..
      Do not lose the dharma for even a second.
      Keep the Buddha with me at all times.
      Ask, “how would the Buddha see?”
      “How would the Buddha act?”
      Then the dharma won’t forsake me.
      Buddha field will always be around once I turn my mind to it.


      Kl Lim
      Precious 🙏 what you shared. Gratitude.

      Yin Ling
      Kl Lim thanks. The dharma has been truly powerful and miraculous for me once my heart is sincere and the dharma is put in the right place - to liberate self and others, and nothing other than this.
      So it is a very serious matter for me above anything else in samsara 😁

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3 Responses
  1. David Says:

    Hi Yin, this may be like saying 'I won't have this arrow removed until I know whether the shaft with which I was wounded was that of a common arrow, a curved arrow, a barbed, a calf-toothed, or an oleander arrow (parable of the poisoned arrow) but its a sticking point for me.

    When you say :

    'It is not a self here in the head who is aware of all the sensations happening around “us”
    Those sensations already are aware, they have intrinsic awareness,
    The “awareness” or “knowingness” is not on “this side” but “that side”, arising together with the sound, thought, touch, vision '

    Is this an experiential feeling? or are you pointing to some intuitive knowledge?
    Presumably a sentient being is necessary in the first place for the sensations to arise, regardless of what side the awareness resides ?

    Ps as a retired NHS worker I have great admiration for all the junior doc's

    Regards David

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi David,

    Yin Ling here, Thanks for ur comment.

    The experience is initially quite contrived but with a little investigation it can be quite clear. Investigate "where does awareness start and end?" or "is awareness separate from the sensations? does it arise separately? if sensations is gone, where is the awareness now?"

    Curious investigation like these can show us how awareness arise tgt with sensations and never apart but this need to be seen by the practitioner as an experiential knowledge rather than intellectual knowledge. as in one need to investigate till confidence arise.

    After few rounds of investigation, feeling into it again and again, the non-dual exprience of awareness and sensation will arise clearly , naturally and not contrived anymore. this will be a powerful insight as the practitioner will go on to understand anatta (no-self) with a simple pointer. :)

    hope this helps!
    kudos for contributing to the NHS till retirement, it surely is not an easy job!

  3. David Says:

    Many thanks Yin, will work along the lines you suggest. May I get back to you if needed?