Important book recommendation for post anatta contemplation

    John Tan: This book u must read and keep for life.  It contains all needed and u really don't need anything extra.  If u can intuit the teaching, it includes clearly all the key essential pointers of how the 6 supramadane powers are awaken and practice in the 3 states, the view, the path and the result to natural liberations.

    Do read with utmost reverence and do not assume u have understood it.  Get back to it again and again and summarise it if possible so that it gets into ur inmost consciousness.
    Soh: Oic..
    U just read?
    John Tan:
    Almost finished.

    Do read with deepest reverence and respect and don't act smart.  The commentary are very valuable also.  Only the mirror analogy I don't like... Lol.
    [5:58 pm, 07/05/2022] John Tan: And it is actually only 150 pages as the root text took up almost 35%.
    [6:00 pm, 07/05/2022] John Tan: In fact this is the exact book that I have been looking for more than a decade that I told u.


  • Lewis Stevens
    Love the title … I’ll definitely check it out

  • Kyoshu Okan Özaydin
    Lama Lena recommended 2 days ago in a meeting that this is the single book someone needs to take on a retreat.

  • Cheng Chen
    Piotr Ludwiński 50/50 for me.
    In recent years, the mirror analogy is increasingly odd to me. Though it seems functional, the way it’s presented in language has a significant risk of leading one to believe oneself as the mirror. This subject-side bias can skew to all sorts of problematic views. It’s just not a good analogy.
    The masters back then should have used holographic lasers, quantum particles, or just a plain old iPhone screen as better analogies. I guess they were undereducated and uncivilized…
    I think it’s only recently that I came across Soh/JT describing their issues with the mirror.

  • Soh Wei Yu
    Cheng Chen I concur.
    I too had an issue with Longchenpa's description and analogy of mirror years ago, but found more recently based on what John Tan shared that Longchenpa is very much anatta.
    A Letter to Almaas on Dzogchen and Longchenpa
    A Letter to Almaas on Dzogchen and Longchenpa
    A Letter to Almaas on Dzogchen and Longchenpa

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  • Yin Ling
    I love it too, it’s one of the best coz the language is clear and simple.. not like usual Tibetan book can cause headache sometimes lol

  • Yin Ling
    Btw Soh Wei Yu thanks for sharing all these helpful information with us 🙂

  • Jayson MPaul
    Got it immediately. It's time I got back to reading books again.

  • Alejandro Serrano
    Longchenpa is simply beautiful, amazing and very enlightening. I have only read the Treasuries translated by Richard Barron, but these series is definitely in my "to read" list.

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