Do not ever be afraid my dear,
    Like this little child,
    Walking up to a strangers’ dog to pet it and then laugh our loud fearlessly,
    All manifestations are your own empty clarity.
    This is the magic of our existence that we forgot and
    We have come back to experience this miracle again.
    Life does not punish us.
    We do not need to suffer.
    This is not a suggestion but a fact.
    Life is the most miraculous gift.
    Look deeply.
    There is nothing, not a speck of separation between us and the world.
    Do not let concepts separate us.
    Race, religion, science, self,
    Discard it ruthlessly.
    Just stop, look and feel.
    Like a little child.
    The whole field is the magic Buddha’s field
    It’s all one same nature,
    Yet differently manifested,
    Life worked so hard for us,
    Why don’t you enjoy it ?
    You won’t know a thing,
    Because you are all of them.
    You will enjoy yourself,
    As a child,
    As a doggie,
    As a flower,
    As the cool raining morning air.
    All of these wonder are your own empty clarity.
    I look at a flower,
    What a crazy miracle I thought,
    I don’t ask why or how anymore,
    Somethings we just will never know,
    I just enjoy it fully,
    Coz I am the flower ❤️


    Trisha NG
    I love this. Your posts are a so insightful..❤

    Yin Ling
    Trisha NG thanks’ do ignore the grammar Trisha, I know it’s an eyesore to a journalist 😂😂 but I write too fast to edit lol

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