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Let me tell you the story of how I found out about Ven Chi Chern. As I said before, in Chinese it is very difficult to find masters and teachers who has this realisation of anatta and emptiness. Super rare.
I was in Kinokuniya less than two years ago. After going through all the shelves and not finding any books that resonate, the store announced it is closing in 15 minutes and I thought "what a waste of my trip here, cannot find good books", so I prayed sincerely to Guan Yin (I seldom bother Guan Yin with such prayers haha but based on my experience with Guan Yin it's really 有求必应 (all your wishes will come true) when my prayers come from sincerity and compassion, but of course you can't wish for unreasonable things out of greed like instant win toto or immortality, please don't turn Buddhism into superstition - also see that I may find a good dharma book in Chinese that I can pass my mother. Almost immediately an intuitive awareness led me to the correct shelf, and I reached out and took out this book. I flipped, and realised, wow... he is definitely realised. And he went through the same phases of realisations - I AM to one mind to anatta (and emptiness). I told John Tan on whatsapp when I found that book, I immediately took pictures (see below) of its contents and sent him on WhatsApp.
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Ven. Chi Chern ( born in 1955) was the first appointed Dhamma heir of renowned Chan Master Sheng-yen. He is also one of the most respected meditation teachers in Malaysia,
Singapore and other countries. Born in Malaysia and ordained as a
monk by Master Chuk Mor in Penang, he later
went to Taiwan to study at Fo Guang Shan Institute of Chinese Buddhism.
In 1980, he participated in four-weeks- retreats led by Sheng-yen. It was during this retreat that he had his deep spiritual experience.
After his experience was confirmed by Sheng-yen, he went back to Malaysia and started to teach Buddhism. Five years later, he returned to Taiwan and received dhamma transmission from Sheng-yen. His Dhamma name is ‘Chuan Xian Jian Mi’.
In April 2022 the Taiwan's Dhamma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts conferred an Honorary Doctorate to Ven. Chi Chern in recognition of
his immense contributions to Buddhism especially in teaching meditation, organizational leadership and his publications.

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  • May be an image of text that says '1 家 ER 北志式了 默照依大我而無我 默照從心統一而心與身統一 而内與外統一 對外擴大覺照 此統一乃大我 再空去此大我之一心 即是空無我的無心而開悟 摘自《又再出頭》 摘自 《又再出頭》 276'

  • May be an image of text that says '1 家 ER 北志式了 默照依大我而無我 默照從心統一而心與身統一 而内與外統一 對外擴大覺照 此統一乃大我 再空去此大我之一心 即是空無我的無心而開悟 摘自《又再出頭》 摘自 《又再出頭》 276'

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  • May be an image of text that says '在默照中 沒有能照的主體 也沒有所照的客塵 一切只是相對的存在 能所只是相對中不同的位置 因此心在照時 因見此平等性而默然 æ›´因見此相對的互依互存 而實際沒有真實的能所 也沒有真實的存在 故見空而開悟 摘自《默照話頭》 摘自 《默照話頭》 身不由己非 身不自在並 身不由己心 身心由己得'

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    Yin Ling
    Soh Wei Yu what books are these? Got cover?
    Why kinokuniya Malaysia don’t have one lol

  • 默照365 - 法鼓文化心靈網路書店
    默照365 - 法鼓文化心靈網路書店
    默照365 - 法鼓文化心靈網路書店

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  • Kyoshu Okan Özaydin
    He is coming to Poland for a month long retreat

  • Soh Wei Yu
    More sharing:
    May be an image of book

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  • Stian Gudmundsen Høiland
    Yo, we gotta capitalize on this. Could you ask Guan Yin what the code to my old computer is? Thanks ✌🏻

    Soh Wei Yu
    Once I went to some place, I swear I have no idea what the wifi password but the phone connection is really bad and I really had to answer some dharma questions online (lol) so I tried connecting to that place's wifi, I prayed and a number entered vividly into my mind almost instantly and it was not something simple straightfoward like 12345, I enter it as the wifi password, and it freaking worked. First try. Either some bodhisattva or dharmapala gave me some hints or I have some untapped siddhis (I doubt so) that gets activated when dharma needs to be posted, or it's just another huge coincidence (possible). I was not in a jhana state either so that's almost certainly not the case. I did wonder if I ever went there before and enter that password before so it's in the back of my mind somehow, but I was pretty sure I didn't after trying hard to recall. Don't ask me what place or what the password was though lol
    Another time -- suddenly four numbers vividly entered into my mind. This never happened before. I couldn't remember if I was praying before that or not. This is the only time ever that I ever buy 4D or four digit numbers on my own (unless on super rare occasions someone else ask me if I want to buy one and he/she helps me buy). Results: almost won 2nd prize, missed by one number. I take it that either some bodhisattva or dharmapala is teasing me for my greed. Could be a huge coincidence though.
    Once my dad's friend lost his code / recovery password to his crypto wallet. Had a hugeee sum of cryptos... maybe less than a million dollars worth, but still, huge. The funny thing is he lost like 4 or 5 words out of the 15 word recovery phrase, he copied it on pen from his phone and deleted the original screenshot. I told him this means bruteforce will take years (it could take only 2 days if he had one more correct word). That person then meditated (he also happened to be a Buddhist who meditates), and one day maybe a week after we met, he had a strong sudden intuition during his meditation that he will soon recover all the money. He went to search his whole house again and found a small slip of paper where he wrote down all the 15 words. He passed the paper to me, but I kept trying for 1 or 2 hours and still couldn't work, about to give up. Then I think I made a prayer... and an intuitive awareness arose that some of the letters in the middle of the paper which he clearly wrote in small letters were supposed to be in capital letters (or the reverse, cant remember). I changed them, and it worked. Money recovered.
    Maybe you should try asking yourself lol

  • Stian Gudmundsen Høiland
    I already tried asking myself and all I got was "Why are you talking to myself?" Confusing, I know.

  • Stian Gudmundsen Høiland
    Interesting stories. Intuition gets really vivid and clear in a purified mind, is my experience, too. But not something as specific as prophetic sequences of digits and characters. Yet.

  • Yin Ling
    I only remember once I feel some divine intervention happen. I rem when I first move to KL , I smartly lock my own phone in my own house and forgot the password ( a digital lock) to my own house 🤦🏻‍♀️so I wanted to drive to my brothers place to get spare key and I got lost. It was very late, my petrol turning red, I drove for 40 mins getting lost and further away from kl, total lost🤣
    Then I prayed to Guan yin.. to get me home. Too late too dangerous no phone no cash no petrol
    So I just simply follow Intuition ; simply drive and I reach my brothers in probably 30’mins smoothly. Petrol almost finish 🤦🏻‍♀️
    I don’t remember roads without google maps so it is truly a miracle for myself lol

  • Soh Wei Yu
    Yin Ling Sometimes divine intervention happen like your fire incident... dharmapalas must be protecting 🙂

  • Soh Wei Yu
    *happen even without prayers

  • Yin Ling
    Soh Wei Yu yeah the fire incident also very miraculous coz I sleep like a dead lol
    Blink and wake up. Zero dreams that kind. Lol

  • Soh Wei Yu
    Update: not crypto recovery words but private keys. My dad's friend could recover by private key (which is caps sensitive and made of random letters and numbers and each letter could be caps or small letters, its truly random) or recovery words but he lost 4 or 5 of the recovery words and only found the private keys much later on

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