Another spontaneous expression by André A. Pais from the burst of joy of the unconditioned free from all elaborations. Enjoy! 🤪👍
    In ignorance, it is understood that phenomena originate dependently upon confusion;
    Upon thorough de-construction, dependent arising is recognised as the conventional expression of spontaneous presence and natural perfection!
    Reality is naturally untainted by the three spheres of subject, object and action. As Maitreya said:
    "Any thought of ‘subject’, ‘object’ and ‘action’
    Is held to be a cognitive obscuration."
    There is no knower, known or knowing; no seer, seen or seeing; no perceiver, perceived or perception.
    There is no knowing, seeing or perception, and yet appearances spontaneously radiate with a light of their own. This vivid clarity is the mind's nature arising as dependent origination. So, don't look inside seeking the nature of awareness - it is the moon itself, rising from behind the clouds.
    It's like this that Dōgen is able to drop body and mind, and become actualized by the myriad things. Free from knower, known and knowing itself, there is no trace of awakening - for there is no sentient being to become awakened, nor insentient rock to remain asleep. And yet, this no-trace unfolds endlessly, for it is characteristic of the natural state that its radiance spontaneously manifests.


    Anurag Jain
    But the question is how do these expressions come from André A. Pais when he admits that he is not enlightened.

    John Tan
    Anurag Jain "unenlightened or enlightened" are both unimportant conventional notions as compared to the peaceful joy of non-attachment to these notions.

  • Anurag Jain
    John Tan lol. So no point working for nirvana. Nirvana and Samsara are known as one only when one attains Nirvana. Not before. Non attachment to Nirvana comes after attaining Nirvana.
    Anyways I know André A. Pais is a good friend of yours so you support him in every way.

  • Anurag Jain
    John Tan mere conceptual articulation does not help anyone attain peace. As a friend, I would warn someone against it rather than promote it.

  • André A. Pais
    I agree with you Anurag Jain, especially your last sentence.
    But, as we say in portuguese, even a broken clock is on time twice a day. Even unenlightened folk have their moments of direct insight, regardless of their personal limitation.

  • Geovani Geo
    Anurag Jain, but then, who is there to be enlightened?

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  • Anurag Jain
    Geovani Geo the appearance gets enlightened. Samsara and Nirvana are both appearances.

  • Geovani Geo
    Yes. Light shines over conditioning, or perhaps using Buddhist lingo, over the field of DO. Besides, only self sees other selfs.

  • Geovani Geo
    "Even a broken clock is on time twice a day" 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Never heard that one here in Brazil. I'll introduce it.

  • André A. Pais
    Geovani Geo "até um relógio parado está certo duas vezes por dia." Don't you have that saying in Brazil?

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  • Geovani Geo
    Not that one - that I know about it.

  • Geovani Geo
    An interesting phrase my eyes just happened to stumble on. Its from some old Chan text:
    "The calm radiance does not shine but there is nothing it does not shine on."

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