V important for dhamma teachers to teach students to recognise their mind.
    It’s No.1 agenda.
    Once it’s recognised,
    The mind is there all the time, can’t even run away!🫣🧟‍♀️


    William Lim
    What is Mind?
    Is it thoughts?
    Is it "consciouness"?
    Is it awareness?
    Is it me?

    Yin Ling
    William Lim haha what do u think ?

  • Soh Wei Yu
    You said before birth who am i leads to conceptuality for you. I told you that you should change your koan to “before thinking, what am I?”
    There is a similar koan in the past

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  • Soh Wei Yu
    Soh's translation:
    Yuan Yin Lao Ren:
    In the past there was a Master who contemplated, "what is the original face before my parents were born?" He contemplated for many years, but did not awaken. Later on he encountered a great noble person and requested for his compassionate guidance. The noble one asked: "What koan did you contemplate?" He replied: "I contemplated what is the original face before my parents were born?" Noble one replied: "You contemplated too far away, should look nearby." He asked: "How should I look nearby?" Noble one replied: "Don't look into what is before your parents were born, need to look at: before a thought arise, what is it?" The Zen practitioner immediately attained great awakening.
    Everyone that is sitting here, please look at what is this before a moment of thought's arising? IT is radiating light in front of everybody's [sense] doors, the brightness radiates everything yet is without the slightest clinging, nothing is known and nothing is seen yet it is not similar to wood and stones, what is This? IT is right here shining in its brilliancy, this is awakening to the Way. Therefore it is said, "the great way is not difficult, just cease speech and words"!

  • J.P. Hamilton
    Me: Does the mind person use mind eyes to see the mind things?
    My friend Danny: Dude, what?

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