Waiter: Do you want any noodle or rice?


Thusness: these few days busy with my stuff, project is getting bigger and bigger.

Me: you never slept?

Thusness: Never slept even an hour. Because it is so rush.

Me: Did you sleep yesterday?

Thusness: A bit. Because it is very rush. This morning I also had to do.

Me: But you have time now?

Thusness: (until) 5. I told him today not to … I need to rest for a while. Cannot take it. Ok. Now you... that is to say... to prevent you from entering into a state of arrogance, you need to have inner practice, that is to say you must humble yourself. Because if teacher chen is unable to teach you, your li zhu lao shi is unable to teach you, then it is easy to deviate, unless your wisdom is specially great. That is to say, your inner state, to prevent you from being off-balance, you need to learn how to humble yourself first. Understand?

If it is like him (Chinese blogger), then it is very difficult, because very few people are able to teach him already. Other than that it is only a matter of skill or level of practice, because on the front of wisdom it is very difficult to progress further, no way of going upwards. Correct? No matter what you say about this or that it is just these only. That is to say, your skill and insight and experience has reached to what level? Correct? Otherwise (?) will enter into a stage of arrogance, this is something we have to be careful about.

After that, from anatta to emptiness, your view is all emptiness. That is to say, whatever you view, is emptiness. So when he said dream-like, stuff like that, the most important point is non-obtainable/ungraspable. So when you from a subject object view to collapsing into anatta, at that time, entering into emptiness, your entire view no longer has an essence. Rather it is entering into the stage of unobtainable, ungraspable, no arising, no cessation, not graspable. That becomes your view. Correct? Illusion-like, ungraspable, and the stage of Maha. That is also wu wei fe/nonaction/unconditioned dharma.

Understand? So this becomes your entire view of knowing things. And not having dualism view to (?) So now I have to speak to you Chinese. To improve your Chinese. You understand? Why? Because what is Dharma? What is Dharmakaya? Fa Sheng is what is called Dharmakaya. That is you contemplate/see everything is the manifestation of Dharmakaya, like he said – breath in, breath out, this is Maha. Maha stage.

Yet every arising is ungraspable. Because its empty in nature. Dependently originated. So in this case, your entire mind and your entire view is going into this view and this (arena?) No more a subject and an object, no more something in time and space. No more such a thing. You understand what I'm saying?

(Asks me to eat. He starts eating) When I eat, there can be two ways. You can rest in liao liao ling zhi (The Clear Knowing of Spirit/Intelligent Awareness), that’s clarity. Or when you are eating, it is the manifestation of Dharma? These are two different view. One view is Advaita view. How do you enter into this phase, means this (?) you take clarity as principle/chief/primary. The other is taking Dharma is principle/chief/primary. Previous moment, and this moment

Me: Clarity is like PCE focused

Thusness: So that is clarity. But now it is the manifestation of Dharmakaya, like this one eating is just this eating, this entire arising, total exertion, manifestation of Dharma. Dharmakaya. All is just this one arising. This moment, this moment, all is the manifestation of Dharmakaya. You get what I mean? Because there is no essence from this moment to the next moment, there is no arising. There is no something that arises, that abides and ceases. Because there is nothing at all so what abides? What arises? What ceases? There is no… All simply arises as such and no more. Every arising is also every’s…. This is the first question that I asked you ten years back. This moment ceases as it arises, so what… does this moment arise or does this moment cease? You understand what I’m saying?

So once you go into that, that general D.O. like that, all is the manifestation of Dharma. There is nothing that is being formed. That is formation. You understand?

So after that, your entire view shifted. From all these experiences, all these insights, your entire view shifted into everything is the manifestation of Dharma. That is, there is no Real, there is only illusory appearance – there are only reflections. Illusory appearance. So what is that? There is no reality, there is only wisdom – the prajna wisdom. Is there a Reality to obtain/grasp? No. It is just a wisdom, a display of wisdom. That wisdom allows you to see the Dharmakaya. Only the wisdom. Your entire experience and insight bring you this (?) – there is no past, no future and no present. All is illusory, like a dream, illusions, bubbles and shadows, ungraspable/unobtainable. Do you understand? But every manifestation is the manifestation of Dharmakaya.

So understanding this view, this understanding, this experience, there cannot be attachment. So you can have this view but you’re not there yet. You can talk talk talk but not there yet. If you’re there, that’s Buddha already.

Me: There as in what?

Thusness: The full actualization of the view. What I’m trying to say (?) a person can understand this from view but without experience. By training himself on the view of emptiness, he can understand. But it’s very difficult to say that (?) a person that experience the I AM to adopt this view without genuine insight.

Me: ?

Thusness: For a person to accept this view without genuine insight. Because he already experiences certainty of Me. So it is difficult for him. Now it is a 360 degree change for him. So there is already a certain kind of insight.

Me: Yesterday I was reading some of the older articles, like those in 2011.

Thusness: 2011 is all I AM.

Me: Yah, then he explained no-self wrongly. He said no-self is the awareness, the background, then you don’t have to dissolve the self, you just have to remain as Awareness which is no-self, that is like self is arising in no-self. Then I think in 2012 he started reading a lot of Madhyamika and Yogacara and suddenly he understood.
Thusness: But his is very unique in the sense that you say that somebody understood you must understand the… no-self is not no self-nature. Anatta… when you of a direct insight it does not necessarily means that you understand emptiness.

Me: Yah but he understands.

Thusness: Yes. So it’s very clear when he expresses anatta. You can see the clarity, how anatta is linked to emptiness. And then he also knows about Brahman. That makes it very precious. In (other words?) he humbles himself down. Means can… he’ll be a good discussion partner for you.

Me: And you said that you haven’t found English speakers who talk as clearly as him?

Thusness: Means I can see the clarity of anatta, the transition. You know what I mean or not? You see when he talks about a dream you must also be very careful to go and find people talk about you mean by  (?) You see, they’re having dreams Within awareness. Or awareness is itself part of the dream? That’s (?) understand?

Me: But yesterday that article said something like the truth is not in the dream (?)

Thusness: How you get to know the site?

Me: Can’t remember what I searched, probably searching for some Chinese article on anatta and non-dual, not sure. He’s author of some books also, maybe that’s why he’s popular. But his books are not recent, I think they’re written maybe 2010. After I finished compiling I’ll send you.

Thusness: 300 pages?

Me: Uh, still compiling, halfway.

Thusness: Everyday he writes an article?

Me: Yah. Almost everyday I think.

Thusness: When you must know… when you talk to a person, depending on his insights, you must talk about the appropriate things. Understand or not?

Me: Appropriate things as in?

Thusness: Like you send everybody my 7 phases of insights, once you open your mouth you made a mistake. It’s a different kind of understanding until a certain level. You get what I mean or not?

Me: How’s your new place?

Thusness: Ok. But those at that side, a lot of people got many cars.

Me: No place to park?

Thusness: (nods).

Me: Usually landed property have this problem.

Thusness: Now Singapore, because the land is very expensive, so the developer make use of every single inch of land. So the road is also very narrow. Because it is very expensive you cannot waste. Do you want to take back some of your books?

Me: Ok.

Thusness: I’ll bring you to my house, take back some of your books. Then I’ll send you back. How’s your father?

Me: Ok, still doing properties.

Thusness: Property is getting more difficult.

Me: We found a semi-D at Kew drive, so we’re staying there for two years.

Thusness: Who?

Me: We.

Thusness: But you’re not in Singapore what. When will you be back?

Me: November. Mid-november.

Thusness: Finish your studies you know. When do you finish your studies?

Me: I’m finishing my bachelor this year but I’ll be doing my masters next year.

Thusness: (?) So fast?

Me: …

Thusness: Doing what, comp sci?

Me: Bachelors of IT and Masters of Comp Sci, actually the same stuff.

Thusness: And at that place do you visit any centers? Zen center?

Me: Yeah. I just find that place a good place to meditate.

Thusness: Do you still go there?

Me: If I’m free, sometimes very busy.

Thusness: Somewhere near your school?

Me: I’ve to take half an hour bus ride. I like how they organize their sittings, their environment etc. Its just nice.

Thusness: Met any new friends?

Me: Friends? Yah. There’s a lot of Singaporeans and Asians as well.

Thusness: The problem with your translation of your seven phases of insights, is that you cannot express the essence. Like for example, that yi nian xing zhe, when you read, straightaway you feel very happy. Because it is like a perfect match in its expression of all the insights. Correct? But when you send me, because you are unable to express that, so he might not read through also. You understand what I mean? Because you are unable to express that insight in Chinese, so he might not even read through.

Me: He replied me “namo amituofuo”.

Thusness: You understand what I mean? So when a person (?) for example when you talk about anatta insight you must clearly your anatta insight. As short as possible. That’s all. In Chinese. Correct? But he also wrote too much already. Until a certain stage, actually your thoughts will become lesser and lesser. You won’t actually write you know, you just want to experience only.

Me: He said in a recent post, that he doesn’t have any wish to write or to teach or to liberate people. He said if nobody writes me questions, he can just sit there for a million years. But I think the reason why he write is because there’s so many people e-mailing him so he just writes based on people’s questions.

Thusness: Then your li zhu lao shi, how? Want you to teach?

Me: See how it goes.  ….

Thusness: I think after your chen ming an, I don’t know how… your Ren Cheng.

Me: Like who’s going to take over?

Thusness: Yeah.

Me: Not very sure.

Thusness: It’s actually very sad you know, if Ren Cheng were to suddenly disappear. Now it is Chen Ming An and who? There’s another nun right?

Me: Uh, yeah. But she’s not taking an active role in teaching. Because last time she used to come to Singapore for talks and then after chen ming an comes, she never come again. And her health is also not very good. The nun Ven Jue Xing.

Thusness: 3pm… 5pm… almost already. When you’re going back? August?

Me: No I’m going back on the 20th, ten days time. My end of year holidays are much longer, from November to February, 3 months.

Thusness: Maybe another day then I return you. You need to learn how to open up yourself. Means no one opening, but the opening, your practice must go along with your experience and your view. Means there is nothing that is opening, what you call the opening is just the opening itself. So there will not be a background, there will not be an apprehender and an apprehended or someone that is opening. It is just the manifestation of Dharma – Maha. So you must learn how to open up and (that’s it ?) You’re still unable to do it now because you have a lot of attachments. Like me, but I’m in business. You understand? So your insights are there, but your self/ego karmic propensities are still strong. So you must learn how to open up and (?) You get what I mean or not? Not bringing one thing from this moment to the next moment. No (?) thing from this moment to the other moment. So you must (?) yourself with all your insights, your Maha, your total exertion now, (?) total body opening, total body dropping/release, total body opening, your thought is like this, your experience is like this, your view is also like this. Those three levels must be reached. Your realization, your insight and your view. Understand or not? Now in meditation the moment you sit, your must (?) dropping, no attachments whatsoever, always train yourself this way.

Me: And do breathing meditation?

Thusness: Breathing is also good. One in breathe, out breathe is just like the Heaven and Earth is breathing. The total universe is just this breathe. Single breathe. No one is breathing. Just this... breathe. Total exertion of this breathe, that is Dharmakaya, the manifestation of Dharmakaya. Not clarity. Clarity is implied. It's just part of it... (?) manifestation of Dharma. Understand? So must slowly, slowly, (?) into this. So there is no arising, there is no abiding, there is no cessation. There is no here. Here and there, arising, cessation and abiding, all are spoken based on dualistic and inherent view. At this point you have seen that fundamentally it is not like this. It is only due to upside down dream thinking that it is so. No matter how you want to grasp, you cannot grasp. Graspability, obtaining and losing is based on dualism and inherent, treating existence and (?). In this, already there isn't. Even if you want to grasp, there is no way to do that. Because ungraspable, mind is not graspable, needless to speak about the arising of everything. This is a fact of things. It is the upside down dream thinking that mistakens there to be something graspable. Arising and cessation is also the same. Fundamentally there is no arising and cessation, it is the ongoing reflection mistakens there to be arising and cessation, it is the deluded appearance of consciousness. Consciousness’s deluded appearance. Understand? You mistaken there to be something graspable, mistaking there to be arising and cessation is also consciousness’s deluded appearance, due to its limitations. Let’s pay first.

You live in Simei right?

Me: Yeah.

Thusness: I think I’ll be very busy until next year June, I got a very important deal. Three listed companies, two merge to become main board, then do another one and inject into the company, very tiring. After this I will earn a lot of money then stop already, for a few years. Relax. I think after this deal I really can relax (?) myself already.

So you must learn how to spend quality hours, lets say, morning… up to half an hour every time to (?) this. Understand? Otherwise… Now I will ask you a question. Why are there propensities?

Me: Because of the way consciousness works.

Thusness: Because of the way reality is. So there must be a routine, understand? It is not that after insight, everything is like that, self-view says oh, just this, then no more… so this is self-view. There are such manifestations. So… you must always spend quality hours, (?) understand what is a kind of anatta, emptiness, (?) your whole body becomes the display of wisdom, you understand? Becomes a display of wisdom of emptiness, which is Dharmakaya. Then you don’t have to meditate, it’s just this only. Total exertion. It’s just the manifestation of Dharma. So you must go through the phases of insights, don’t jump but slowly, slowly. Get what I mean?

Me: So where do you bring me now?

Thusness: I forgotten which book you know… Send you back first. Then probably before you leave…

Me: Or nevermind, maybe another time also can because I won’t be bringing much books to Australia.

Thusness: You must learn how to breath until there is no… means now when you breathe you shouldn’t have that kind of thing you know. You breathe, it’s just the breath – there is no self that is breathing. Just like what he expressed, the universe is just this breath breathing. Do you have this sensation now when you breath? You must take this as your practice. It is ok to have a skilful way of… that is to say you must have a way to get you into it you know. Don’t have to say, oh, I’m always like this every moment, this one will actually retrogress instead of progressing.

Lets say you say there is no need to do this there is no need to do that… rather than people say, for example, chanting also can… or a dharma door of breathing. It is a dharma door of skilful means you get what I mean?

Simei yes?

Me: Yeah.

Thusness: (?) At my place what books do you have any books?

Me: Actually I also forgotten, I think it is not necessary, because there are some books in Australia that I still have not read and I do not have much time to read.

Thusness: Actually for books it is very difficult to find good books already. I think the website itself has written better than many books. But of course that is from 2012

Me: yeah 2012 Feb 1, that is when he realized

Thusness: then you said there is … what you sent me, a lot of people realized anatta.

Me: Oh no no I think I made a mistake. Have you seen?

Thusness: No actually. Don’t have much time to read.

Me: But their Chinese are… hahaha

Thusness: This is a matter of practice. You see for example the poem, every word is very simple, not like those people write that kind of poems, I also have to check the dictionary… now I don’t even know to check the dictionary some of the words I don’t even know how to read. Correct? It is how you put them… lets say a five letter word. How do you express clarity in something? Understand?

But I read his website, that time you sent me a few articles, it’s really very good. But sometimes I wonder how come it can coincide so well… huh? Funny. Just like I wrote it, like that, in Chinese. It’s like match so well. Funny. Even the one breath in and out breath is just like the Maha suchness.

Me: I sent truthz and he said you sure it’s genuine or not? Cos China is best at counterfeiting, and he joked that maybe before 2012 he read Eckhart Tolle and after 2012 he read your website. I told him it’s definitely genuine.

Thusness: Genuine… But his one is like perfect like that, right? All the phases of insights in clarity are there you know. Even the expression is all... But I doubt anyone can express that way if he has no clarity and no experience. It is very difficult. Even the manifold of presence, he expresses it as the “thousand faces of Buddha”. Correct? You go there and I reach your house, you got all the (?)

Me: Oh the pages? No haven’t, I’m still compiling, only halfway… 300 pages is just

Thusness: Those few articles, I read and read and said why even the Maha breath is also the same? Exactly you know. That’s why I like it so much and the anatta insight, the Maha and then the manifold presence. Then even the… he said the liao liao ling zhi (spirit/intelligent awareness) is no different than walking standing sitting and lying down, it is just an appearance. Then I said – it is no different from this arising sound, this breath, this passing sight, scent. His expression is like… very kind of, unique kind of… synchronicity you know? Then his expression is the same. Insight can be understood… but his expression….

Me: Hahaha.

Thusness: So narrow that my car got scratched… the carpark. Now it is ok you know, because a lot of people go work.

What are you doing?

Me: Taking video for my parents.

Thusness: Don’t go and take photo and put on the facebook you know, later people come running to my house, you get what I mean or not? I’m only afraid of this, later people come to my house and knock on my door, “Is Thusness there”?

Me: Hahaha… where you live?

Thusness: redacted

Me: So you meditate here? (altar and meditation seat)

Thusness: This one is my father’s. I don’t know where I put my books you know… inside still have more. There, the three books that you said right?

Me: Oh, uh, did I pass you these?

Thusness: No, this is mine, the three.

Me: Oh I think no need for now, you read?

Thusness: No, I got no time to read. I don’t know where …

Me: Maybe next time then see.

Thusness: I have no time to go and see through where are your books.

Me: Let me see for a while (Samyutta Nikaya)

Thusness: You can take because I don’t read like what you read.

Me: But I don’t have time now to read also, I won’t bring to Australia also.

Thusness: You want to bring to your house?

Me: Maybe I’ll take this and keep, then

Thusness: The other two you have?

Me: Yeah this two I have.

Thusness: Yah then you take this.

Me: A lot of Taoist books also.

Thusness: Yeah. I have a few hundred to a thousands of these books I have thrown away already. (?) on business, science (?)

I want to (?) the whole thing first. (?) Now cannot do, will catch. They can also catch you (?) you cannot shelter and close, roof terrace cannot be enclosed. This is a development charge. When you enclose you have to pay. All these you cannot enclose. If you enclose then they will count you know, these becomes part of your square feet and you have to pay. Now one square feet costs how much do you know?

Me: Your interior design is very nice, you asked a designer?

Thusness: Yes. (?) So now that you come back, (?) where did you go? Eat and play?

Me: Yeah. Also not much, just rest mostly. The moment I come back there was the haze and I was locked in my room.

Thusness: Now your timing… you must have enough rest for clarity and for (?). (?) Like the one thought traveller is also expressing the one thought realization. But he wrote in 2011?

Me: 2010. That’s why I’m surprised how come he can write that in 2010.

Thusness: (?) You only visit that zen center, do you visit (?)

Me: No, there is the Empty Mirror that wanted to meet me, he lives in Brisbane, but I haven’t met him.

Thusness: There is the… John Ahn?

Me: Oh, he’s in New York.

Thusness: He’s in New York? Then he visited all those people…

Me: Oh he lives in New York.

Thusness: And Elena as well?

Me: Yes that’s why they have a

Thusness: Gathering
Me: Yes. (?)

Thusness: He is studying?

Me: He dropped out his philosophy in New York university then he went to the Indian ashram

Thusness: He dropped out?

Me: He dropped out of the course then he went for the retreat in India then after that he came to Singapore for a short holiday and that’s when he wanted to find you. Then he’s back in the U.S.

Thusness: He’s a Korean?

Me: Not sure if he’s born in Korea but he’s living in U.S. (?)

Thusness: He should be quite rich, otherwise how can he be like this? Study halfway then dropout and go to India.

P___r, how do you pronounce?

Me: …

Thusness: He used to take LSD and had some LSD mystical experiences (?) some side-effects.

Me: Not only LSD, all kinds of drugs, he told many many stories, some are more powerful than LSD.

Thusness: Therefore he said he has some side-effects. Like for example A___t H___ as well?

Me: Yes he went to psychedelics then went into Buddhism, a lot of westerners are like that. In western countries these drugs are very common. In Australia as well some of my friends were trying it but I didn’t.

Thusness: No need to try them. Those two very thick books you have already finished reading?

Me: Oh those sutra books? Yes sutra books I’ve finished reading. Plus another one.

Thusness: So good?

Me: This Majjhima Nikaya I’ve finished reading (?) But this (Samyutta Nikaya) is even bigger. At that time in NS after the BMT, sometimes there are periods of just sleeping in the bunk so I just spent time reading the suttas.

Thusness: (calls redacted) Now you must learn how to develop certain habits because (?) within these two years you have to develop these habits otherwise when you (enter into society?) you’ll not have such opportunities. You get what I mean? Your progress (?) your habit must arise first.

Me: What habit? Meditation?

Thusness: Meditation is also good, a (skilful means?) (?) What time do you sleep? Why I always see you online at 3 and 4am?

Me: Very late, haha

Thusness: 4 or 5?

Me: Sometimes later, haha

Thusness: In Australia?

Me: I sleep earlier. But depends. Sometimes 2 to 3

Thusness: What time you wake?

Me: Depends. Sometimes 9 or earlier

Thusness: Turn left from here? Sims avenue. You see, your first translation should write in this way. You should say, due to the imbalancing, due to our attachment to the clarity, then our energy is disrupted. There is am imbalance of energy due to attachment. That is the first time we experience the radiant clarity. You understand? Not like what you said, (?) then suddenly (?) Because our energy is being disrupted you understand? This is very different from understanding emptiness. Emptiness is (?) opening, relaxing, the manifestation of Dharma when illusorily ceases, because ungraspable.

Me: Imbalance..?

Thusness: Because your radiant clarity, due to your attachment to the radiant clarity, you understand?

Me: That is Mangala Vihara, it has what I told you the diplomas, bachelors and masters in Buddhist studies.

Thusness: So you’re going to study?

Me: I don’t know. In future maybe.

Thusness: _____ is very strange huh, he studied with ChNNR yet he doesn’t have anatta insight. He understood so much and furthermore have a few good gurus…

Me: _____________________________________________

Thusness: Actually that one thought traveller, if he writes a book it will be very good, after his (?) insight, his expressions (?) he is able to express. He will have to go through a period of (?)

Me: It is very difficult to find these Chinese articles, so I am compiling them for my mom.

Thusness: Your mom? Can your mom understand this?

Me: She should be able to understand some. Because my mom told me she could understand me better than she could understand teacher chen, after reading my articles she could understand teacher chen better.
Thusness: Teacher chen stuff, __________________ Therefore when he writes, it is a form of feeling-realization, it is based on his experience, ______________________ Unlike this one thought traveler, his expression is very clear. Like he is able to express, one in breathe, one out breathe, four great illusory aggregations (elements), the element of wind, the four great illusory aggregations (elements) is the manifestation of Dharma, you get what I mean or not? So he’s able to link these to the experience of anatta. So last time what I wanted you to understand, I keep on telling you, you have the experience in seeing there’s just the seen, correct? In hearing there’s just sound. But you must understand them as D.O. Then your view must be clear, then you can directly enter into anatta.

Me: So you have to think about D.O.?

Thusness: You have to understand the view, there’s nothing wrong with thinking. So people are too worried about what? They are manifestation of one body. Your view, your insight, your experience… all these are coming together as suchness. You understand? So when you say, ok, for example in the seen just the seen or in hearing just sound. When you have this experience, you must be able to be together with D.O. and see the D.O. So from the beginning I asked you whether you are able to link to D.O. to become to the right understanding and right view? You see, that one thought traveler when writing is able to do that. When you wrote in the beginning you were still unable to do that. You’ll go through your (?) You based on the experience (?) but you’re unable to based on general D.O. understand it and penetrate it thoroughly and later enter into the empty nature, person and phenomena have no self, no self-nature, empty. Understand or not? So this is a very good site.

Me: So his site is not just anatta like Dharma Overground, which is focused on anatta, but his is also about the emptiness view.

Thusness: So he is able to understand very thoroughly, in one in breathe and out breathe, how to apply anatta, how to apply emptiness how to apply the insight the experience of maha suchness. He is able to express it. You understand what I mean right? That is to say, he has an article that focuses on writing about anatta, that is the apprehender and apprehended is non existing, when hearing just found, when you search for the hearer you cannot find it. When you see there is just scenery, so the seer is just consciousness’s karmic momentum/motion when you got lost, actually when you see there’s just the scenery, scenery’s arising is actually dependently originated and empty. Clear and vivid yet is empty in nature, so ungraspable. You understand what I mean or not? So when you experience anatta, you still can fall into substantialism non-dualism. So now you (?) so it’s total exertion. Ungraspable. So go and read through all my articles, what I wrote to you. Everything is like that (?) the view, there is nothing to hold, you cannot hold. So this is the truth of everything, even if you want to hold there is no way to hold, because (?) it is just a dependently originated and nature is empty. Truth is like this. But upside down thinking is to be mistaken that there is something graspable, there is a person, a self, an arising and cessation, this is upside down dream thinking. Upside down.

You didn’t ask the (?) qian yun?

Me: Oh, I didn’t ask her, I just posted something but she didn’t reply. But I did email the one thought traveler.

Thusness: I see. In facebook the article (?) the bhumi stages?

Me: Oh that is written by one thought traveler. I found an article in 2011 in a forum that was criticizing the one thought traveler, saying that one thought traveler is always talking about maintaining awareness etc, if things were so simple why would Buddha teach so many things? And he said the one thought traveler was talking about God etc, which is non-Buddhist.

Thusness: So it is only recently that his anatta insight (arisen). You see, this is the karmic strength of a person. He sees it as a part of practice. He cannot try to cover up.

Me: Cover up?

Thusness: The realization of I AM. Because he presents himself as a teacher, it is difficult to do that. Because he started with I AM, then you tell your student that it is …. Yes? He was still in the midst of groping/trying to find (mo suo). So he said there is no state/stage to attain, that is also wrong. He doesn’t know what is convention. You must know what is convention. Although the insights are there, you must know what is convention. So when you tell someone about I AMness, it is these two years that he experience anatta and emptiness, very clear, so when he told others all these it (?)

Me: He has some articles about the Avalokitesvara’s Dharma Door. That is actually talking about the seven phases, he went to contemplate on the unmoving appearance that is the I AM then from the I AM enter into the awareness pervading all six senses then break the subject-object, then enter into the emptiness door, then enter into complete awakening door.

Thusness: So the first thing when you want to learn you have to humble yourself.

Me: Sorry forgot to tell you you should have entered from there.

Thusness: We’ll make a U-turn. So this is also a practice, you understand? Very interesting huh, how come he can maintain such a short period, one year.

Me: As in within one year he’s so clear about all these?

Thusness: And his expressions are so clear. So first break subject and object, then he said look into emptiness

Me: Yes. Emptiness door. Then at last complete-awakening/awareness.

Thusness: Spontaneous perfection?

Me: Yeah then he said there is no more concepts of practice, no practice, and no more concepts actually. It’s based on the Shurangama Sutra, then very funny, I posted your seven stages, then someone just quoted that Shurangama Sutra from the Sutra itself. Also the same part on the Guan Yin stages. But last time I didn’t know it is similar.

Thusness: You mean in English or Chinese?

Me: Chinese.

Thusness: With your translation?

Me: Yeah.

Thusness: (grins)

Me: Where are you going? To work?

Thusness: (?) I’m going to M hotel at CPF building area. If your expression is there, then it’s good, you can discuss with them. Currently, are you left with just manifestation or not?

Me: Yah can say so.

Thusness: Must learn to open up.

Me: I notice I still don’t have much calmness.

Thusness: So slowly practice. You must let your emptiness wisdom enter into the entire body-mind. That is, your entire body is the display of emptiness wisdom.

Me: You and your father are living in the same house?

Thusness: My father, my sis, altogether. (sis in house besides)

Me: Then you said you wanted to go to Thailand with your father for retreat?

Thusness: No, the master is dead already.

Me: But I thought you said you wanted to go there?

Thusness: He’s dead already. There’s a lot of political issues.

Me: Dead is recently or what?

Thusness: I think one year. One-two year ago. Still want to work (?) he wanted to work when his whole body is already unable to work.

Me: But you said you wanted to go there, he hasn’t died yet?

Thusness: He hasn’t died yet, he wanted to build a temple and have a place. That is my purpose that time.

Me: I think you just drop me here. Thanks!

Thusness: See you. Take care!

Me: See you.